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What is Digital Advertising?

  A. It is the use of digital technology to distribute information by way of electronic displays placed in various business locations (Affiliates).  Digital Advertising is an alternative means of advertising your products and/or services to potential clients at a lower cost than many of the other forms of advertising such as -- daily newspapers, TV, Radio, monthly flyers, etc.

Q. How does the cost of  Digital Advertising compare with other forms of advertising such as Newspapers, TV and Radio, Monthly. Weekly Magazine, etc?

 A. For example, purchasing an advertisement in a monthly magazines, etc  can cost you as much as $600 or $700 a month.  TV and Radio can cost in the thousands depending on your target audience (s), length, the time of day and frequency played, and the number of days/weeks or months your advertisement runs.  The alternative: Innovative Communications Experts (ICE, LLC) offers, as an example, you the opportunity to advertise a 15 second ad at several locations for less than $1,800 for a whole year.  Yes, you read it right -- less than $1,800 per a year.

Q. How much does the equipment cost my business?

 A. There is no charge to the Affiliate owner at all. ICE will install and maintain the equipment and all the content placed on the sign.

 Q. What is my responsibility for the equipment installed in my Affiliate?

   A. Contact a representative for this information. They can better assist you. 

 Q. What is a network?  

   A. It is a group of digital signs in a particular geographic area.

Q. What is an Ad spot?

 A. It is a 15 second block of time your advertisement fits into for viewing at Affiliates.

Q. What is a Affiliate?

  A. A business location where people visit and the placement of ads are displayed on digital signs.

Q. What is Viewership?

  A. It is the number of people who visit a Affiliate location and view your ad being displayed on the digital sign.

Q. What is Flexible Ad Placement?

  A. It is the placement of your Ad on one or multiple locations. The client chooses where the Ad is displayed to “Target” the specific customers they wish to attract to their product or service.

Q. What is Targeted Marketing?

  A. The choice, based on the advertisers needs, to place the ad to "target" a specific area or clientele.

Q. What is Increased Client Brand Awareness?

 A. The client can display their logo, product or service on our signs. Through the network of signs, more people recognize your company.

Q. How can the digital signage help my business?

 A. The sign has a wide range of in store advertising benefits. It will boost sales of new products, provide a new venue for upcoming store events, flash new coupons, increase customer stay by providing customers additional information, via the BRIGHT DIGITAL SIGN. It can assist you in welcoming customers by adding a new dimension the your store, as it could also reduce customer's perceived waiting time.

Q. What other businesses are using digital sign technology?

  A. Wal Mart, The Gap, Best Buy, and many others. The ICE network is designed to be placed in small to medium size businesses to produce the same effect as large corporations.

Q. What are the requirements to place Ads on the digital signs in the network?

  A. Contact a representative who will be happy to assist you with your needs.

Q. What are the requirements of being a Host (Affiliate Owner) on the ICE digital sign network?

  A. Contact a representative who will be happy to assist you with your needs.

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